About us

We are two adults on Vesteraas. We work both together and each for their own account, taking care of the activities of the farm. I, Maja, am open to meet other people and am guided by my ability to bring people together with willingness for communication. I studied philosophy and am a coach. I, Nils, express myself through the special ability of enthusiasm and talent to present issues in a comprised manner. I am an authorized nature guide and environmental operator.

We join in this versatile family production life, and our farm is our workshop in the open country. We work wonderfully hand in hand with two different approaches that complement each other perfectly, in which one imparts knowledge and the other one refines – we share our knowledge, our wishes and their background and refine what we grow on the field. We change paradigms. We come from the city and are aware that we have positioned ourselves “out here” within the problems and their solutions – and that we can make a difference.

Welcome to Vesteraas.

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