Here you can check when there are vacancies of the Greenhouse or the House with ocean view. Reservations for the Greenhouse are marked in green. reservations for House with ocean view are marked in blue. The arrows at the top of the calendar directs you to your prefered vacation period.

After you select the time of your stay in one of our apartments, please contact us by mail or phone. After our confirmation, your booking is pending until payment. Upon receipt of your payment, we will send you the final booking confirmation by mail.

Please state again in your bank transferral – regardless whether from Denmark or abroad –  your name, which apartment, number of visitors and the period of your stay.

Upon reservation the amount is to be paid in full. Refund of payment only if cancellation is received latest one month before your booked period.

Remember to book the ferry well ahead of your stay +45 6252 4000.

Merkur Andelskasse                       REG. NR.: 8401
Vesterbrogade 40, 1 sal.                  KONTO NR.: 0001062282
1620 København V                         SWIFT: MEKUDK21
Danmark                                       IBAN: DK7184010001062282

If you cannot see the booking calendar, please use this direct link