They say that artists cannot help but be excited about what they are doing, and that art is driven by passion. That is exactly what inspired Nils Ørum as founder of NATURGEJST. At age 11 he wrote in 1975 his first letter to the editor presenting the idea, that adults need to take care of nature, in order for their children be able to enjoy it when growing up. Over the years, his commitment has become more and more extensive and matured and gained perspective via his training as a fishing master and ecological operator with experience in different types of management of farming in Denmark and abroad, followed by a training as a Green Guide and local environmentalist. Later he underwent a training and gained experience as a Field Guide of the Danish Forest and Nature Agency, both in Copenhagen and on Aeroe.

As an organic operator and with a deep love of nature, Nils is inspired to teach children, youths, middle aged and seniors, how to access the diversity of nature, which is his passion. It has to be tasted, touched, smelled and heard in interaction with the knowledge he is possessing. From Big Bang to Space, from Algee, Insects, Flowers and animals, food, herbs of the beach to ecology and agriculture – all main topics. His desire is to inspire you and the group with whom you are together, to experiences in nature through shared commitment and shared experiences and knowledge. Which is often taking a quite surprising course.

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Nils ørum

Beach Safari with Naturgejst

Vesteraas, holiday on Aeroe in Denmark

Wild Nature on Aeroe in Denmark

Pure Magic on Aeroe in Denmark

Fantastic holiday moments on Aeroe in Denmark

Ponds full of life on the organic farm Vesteraas on Aeroe in Denmark

Wild Birds on Vesteraas, Voderup Klint, Aeroe in Denmark