Guided Nature Tours

You might have seen one of those people, who are wearing an ecru-colored jacket with the logo of an owl. They identify state-recognized nature guides. One of them is living right here, but he is not always wearing this natural-colored jacket with the logo of an owl on his chest.

Nils´ many years of experience in management of guided nature tours and his ability to communicate his knowledge had him interested in other and new approaches as to how to structure organized nature tours. Imagine it! Can you communicate something without talking the whole time? What can you convey when there are so many things to hear, taste, smell, touch and feel, that nature is presenting to us?

Nils is conducting tours at various places on the island, such as here on Vesteraas, on Voderup Klint or Vitsø Nor. A Beach Safari on Eriks Hale is also one of the many possibilities.

The International Ranger organisation

Økologi og lokale produkter på Vesteraas og Voderup Klint på Ærø og i det sydfynske øhav

Birds in organic farming

Dexter cattle on Vesteraas by Voderup Klint on Aeroe

Green Frogs in the ponds on Aeroe

Wild flowers on the meadows on Vesteraas on Aeroe

Guidedtours on Aeroe in Denmark