Here under will you find information about our prices for groups and for tenants of our BED&NATURE Vacation Apartments, who receive a 25% discount on our guided tours.

Guided Tours of Vesteraas, Voderup Klint, Vitsø Nor as well as the Beach Safari on Eriks Hale in Marstal cost DKK 1,700 for 2 to 30 participants. The tours last 2 hours and can be held in Danish and English. If you stay in one of our BED&NATURE apartments,  you will get a discount of 25%.

The Workshops “Fishing, trawling and eating good food on the shore” and “Aurochs from the earth pit” cost DKK 3,000 plus DKK 50 per person for food. Number of participants: 2 to 30.
The workshops last 4 hours and can be given in Danish and English. If you live in one of our BED&NATURE apartments, you will get a discount of 25%.
Public tours take place during the high season in the weeks 28 to 32, participation requires no registration. The price is DKK 80 (children under 15 years free).

Contact NATURGEJST for an estimate for the organization of an individual arrangement.

For payments from Denmark and abroad, please indicate your name, number of participants, date and selection of the tour or workshop.


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