The moraine landscape of Vesteraas farm displays a number of landscape types, including grasslands, wetlands, peripheral areas, creeks, beach, forests and cliffs – a terrain full of drama with a view over the cultural landscape of Aeroe and the Baltic Sea. During the last 25 years, dedicated work has been accompished on Vesteraas to combine the practical care of nature with the production of high quality food. The results are remarkable, and the attitude towards nature, which they are based upon, contribte in a constructive way to discussions of the national strategy of sustainable development.

2 to 40 participants on this guided tour
Place: Vesteraas, Voderup 41, 5970 Ærøskøbing
The duration is of 2 hours
The tour can be held in Danish and English
A Nature Tour from Vesteraas can be ordered under “Contact” NATURGEJST
Prices and payment are listed under a separate menu item

Vesteraas organic farming on Aeroe in Denmark

Workshops and guided nature tours on Aeroe in Denmark

Økologi og lokale produkter på Vesteraas og Voderup Klint på Ærø og i det sydfynske øhav

Wild Orchid on Aeroe

Wild Hearps on the beach of Aeroe in Denmark

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Honny Collection on Vesteraas, Aeroe